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Why do people need orthopedics?

Orthopedics are for people who need extra foot support. The need for extra support could come from a person’s foot being physically different from an average foot, such as foot arches that are either too high or too low. Different arch types place pressure on different parts of the foot with every step a person takes. A foot with high arches is going to distribute weight on the heel and the ball of the foot, creating uncomfortable stress on those parts of the foot and causing certain pain and discomfort to arise.

How can Orthopedics help?
Orthopedics are not simply something you purchase over the counter and stick in your shoe; though these kinds of products do exist, a real custom orthopedics is exactly that, custom. A real orthopedics is customized to fit YOUR foot in every sense of the word. It is moulded to exactly match your foot’s curves and lines. This is how we achieve the ultimate support for your foot and how we make sure your feet are getting the best stability possible.

How can I tell if I need orthopedics?
If you are noticing either of the following signs, you could be a good candidate for orthopedics:

Worn out shoes– if you see that your shoes you regularly wear are getting worn out on one side more than the other, or that the back and front are being more worn, this means that pressure is not being distributed evenly.

Foot pain– this should be obvious but you would be surprised how many people ignore everyday foot pain and don’t seek help. If you find that you cannot go for a walk for more than 20 minutes without experiencing foot pain, this is a clear sign you may need orthopedics.

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Orthopedic Footcare is a professional clinic, equipped with licensed chiropodists to help you treat your foot concerns through the use of orthopedic footwear, compression stockings or other conservative methods.

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