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Orthopedic Footcare specializes in making you feel better in every sense of the word. Whether it’s customized orthopedic, specialized shoes, compressions socks and stockings, or anything in between, we can get you what you need and have you back on your feet again in full force. One item we are proud to offer is special braces that can be used to treat specific injuries.

What are braces?

Braces are special items that you can wear to make the healing of an injury faster and more efficient. Common injuries such as sprained ankles and bad knees can be treated using special braces. These braces work by holding your joint in place and ensuring that it is supported throughout the day as you move. Moving around and doing everyday tasks becomes much easier and more comfortable when you are supported by a brace. You’ll find that healing is a much more comfortable process when you are using a brace, no matter which part of your body has been injured. Braces are also non-invasive and fit comfortably to your body, making them easy to wear underneath your clothing.

Get back to what you love to do

With the proper custom bracing, your injury does not need to leave you feeling held back. Whether you enjoy playing sports, riding your bike, or simply going for walks on a regular basis, a brace is going to allow you to get back to it sooner and with less pain. There is no reason to allow your injury to win, fight back using a custom fitted brace!

We've Got What You Need!

Orthopedic Footcare is a professional clinic, equipped with licensed chiropodists to help you treat your foot concerns through the use of orthopedic footwear, compression stockings or other conservative methods.

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